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3 Month Passes

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3 Month passes are also available at a cost of $180.00 for the general public and $90.00 for students, seniors, and those passengers that meet ADA qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Q) Where do I catch the bus for Fixed Routes?
      A) Besides the Transfer Station, located on the corner of Third St. and Spring St, downtown, passenger may “flag” the bus at any safe location on route. Safe locations vary by route, unsafe locations are listed on the Routes” tab. Universal to all routes, as unsafe are stop lights and along any guard rail.
    • Q) How do I pay the bus fare on Fixed Routes?
      A) You can pay by using correct change, using Tickets, and passes, sold at various locations listed under “Ticket Outlets” tab.
    • Q) How do I know which Routes and/or buses to take to get to my destination?
      A) Your Driver can answer all connection questions and help guide you. Or you can call Dispatch @ 225-1112.
    • Q) How do I know the fare to ride each bus?
      A) The fare structure for each Route is listed on the viewable/ printable “Maps” from that tab.
    • Q) How do I know the fare to ride the Door To Door service?
      A) The fare to ride door to door is based on mileage, covered in general on the Door To Door tab. Exact fare pricing can be obtained by calling Dispatch @ 225-1112 and describing the point of pick up and destination.

New MARQUETTE SHOPPER SHUTTLE and TROWBRIDGE route maps/ schedules will be available on the website soon. Temporary maps/ schedules are available from your Driver, in the Transfer Station, and Main Office on Commerce Drive.


New NMU SHOPPING RUN: Each Friday while NMU is in session, a shopping run to Meijers and Walmart departs Lot #9 on the NMU Campus at 3:00 PM and 3:50 PM with return pick-ups and drop off locations on campus. Return pick up times are 4:15 and 5:15 PM. Rides are FREE to NMU Students, Faculty, and Staff.

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