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_______ would like to ask Marquette County the following question for clarification purposes with respect to a stated requirement that forms part of this RFP.


Section VI states:


The attached Federal clauses, Michigan Department of Transportation 3165

(02/14) MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES MORE THAN $100,000, must be signed and

returned with the submitted proposal.


There has recently been a change to the Buy America threshold as it applies to “Small Purchases”. (The threshold for Buy America is the same value as the Small Purchase threshold)


From the FTA website:


The $100,000 simplified acquisition threshold was raised to $150,000 by the OMB Super-Circular (2 CFR Part 200, adopted by the USDOT via 2 CFR Part 1201), which had an effective date of December 26, 2015. But the change only applies to “new” money — in other words, for grants issued by FTA after Christmas 2014, the new ceiling applies, but for grants released by FTA prior to that date, the $100,000 threshold still remains. Note that the sum applies to the entire scope of the FTA-funded project, and not FTA’s proportional share or to an individual line item or purchase item within that project.

(Posted: December, 2015)


Can Marquette County advise if the new threshold applies in the case of this RFP?


The new threshold does not apply and it is a requirement  to sign the contract clauses.

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