What is Marq-Tran's Service Animal Policy?

We permit service animals on all Marq-Tran buses.

Service animals will be under the owners control at all times and will be kept out of the aisle way for ease of movement for all passengers. Service animals that are too big to hold, are required to sit on the floor.

Transportation of family pets will be allowed on buses, but must be in a Michigan safety approved carrier at all times. The cage will be placed on the floor of the bus or if size permits on the passenger’s lap. Pet carriers will not be placed in the aisle. Pets will be under the owners control at all times.

The driver of the bus is in no way responsible for the animals or the cages.

Where do I catch the bus for Fixed Routes?

Besides the Transfer Station located on the corner of Third Street and Spring St in downtown Marquette, passengers may “flag” the bus at any safe location on the route. Safe locations vary by route. Stop lights and guard rails are unsafe on all routes.

How do I know which routes/buses to take to get to my destination?

Your driver can answer all connection questions and help guide you, you can call Dispatch @ 225-1112, or ask your question via email at dispatch@marq-tran.com.

Use the routes under the “Maps” tab to help you with your decisions.

How do I know the fare to ride each bus?

The fare structure for each Route is listed on the viewable/printable “Routes” from that tab.

Can the buses accommodate children in strollers?

Every bus can accommodate children in strollers as long as 2 criteria are met. Children and strollers must be secured with children remaining in strollers, forward facing, if the stroller is both of sturdy, rigid frame, and they contain the child in a five point harness. Lightweight, collapsible strollers, and strollers of any variety without a five point harness must be safely stowed, and child held by an adult. 3 wheel “jogging strollers”, that cannot be secured by 4 points, must be secured and the child held by an adult.

How do I pay the bus fare on Fixed Routes?

You can pay by using correct change or by using tickets and passes which are sold at various locations listed on the “Ticket Outlets” tab.

What is the age of Seniors for discount fare?

The age for Seniors for Marq-tran discounts is age 60.

How do I know the fare to ride the Door to Door service?

The fare to ride door to door is based on mileage, covered in general on the Door To Door tab. Exact fare pricing can be obtained by calling Dispatch @ 225-1112 and describing the point of pick up and destination.

How can I apply for a job at Marq-Tran?

Ready to start your new career with Marq-Tran? You can fill out our online application for a job opening with Marquette County Transit Authority on our Employment Page. You can also download a paper copy of our application by clicking here.

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