Bus Wash System RFP

Sweeper Scrubber RFP

Materials and Supplies


Q.  When can an appointment be set up to view the existing wash bay?
A. 9 am – 3 pm Monday – Friday

Q. Who is the current manufacturer of the wash system?
A.  SSI Corp

Q. Will there be a pre-bid meeting?
A.  No

Q.  What is the current diameter of the water line and pressure of the wash bay?
A.  1″ diameter, with unknown water pressure

Q.  What are the current amps and voltage in the wash bay that can be used with the new system?
A.  480 V / 30 AMP

Q.  Can the current slope and oil-water separator handle the volume of the touchless system?
A.  Confirmed, yes!

Q.  Does this project meet Buy America / FTA regulations?
A.  Yes

Q.  What is the oil-water separator/sand trap capacity?
A.  1,000+

Q.  What is the PSI and GPM of the specified 75 HP?
A.  Per specs

Q.  Please confirm that a reclaim system is not in the project.
A. Confirmed

Q.  Please confirm that this project is certified payroll/prevailing wage.
A.  Not applicable

Q.  Please confirm that a bid bond is required with the bid.
A.  Not applicable

Q.  Estimated Budget for this Purchase?
A.  Not Applicable

Q.  Any Extension of Bidding Deadline?
A.  No

Q.  Any Addendum or Pre-Bid Meeting Minutes?
A.  No pre-bid meeting will be offered.

Q.  Has the transit authority seen the specified system in operation? If yes, who is that manufacturer?
A.  No particular system, only chosen specs.

Q.  It is acceptable for the bus wash manufacturer or distributor to mandate the transit authority to buy there chemical or the warranty will be voided ?
A.  All requirements are as stated in our RFP.

Q.  Is there any DBE participation goals in this project ?
A.  No

Q.  What time is your office open on Sunday April 4th (Easter Sunday) to drop off the RFP information? You had stated in addendum (1) one that this due date is correct.
A.  8-3 Eastern.

Q.  To have a clear understanding your organization will not pay any invoice until the equipment is installed and signed off. Then invoice will be paid net 45 days. Please supply the documentation from the FTA stating that this is not applicable for your grant and subcontractors are not required to be paid within 30 days of completion of their work.
A.  Payment terms are as per our RFP.

Q.  The specifications do not supply the GPM and PSI of the required 75HP pump. It is not in the specifications.  Please supply both the GPM and PSI. We would not want to lose the project because we use more or less per the specifications.
A.  Determined by the bidder.

Q.  Does the bidder need to hold a Michigan contractor’s license or simply need to hire license sub-contractors?
A.  Michigan licensed sub-contractors are required

Q.  What is the configuration of your 36 vehicle fleet?  How many vehicles will be washed back to back at one time?
A.  Medium Duty Buses 28′ – 32′

Q.  Can the bidder provide, as an option, a different configuration than what is specified?
A.  Specifications as provided are the minimum.

Q.  Will the transit authority make public the estimated budget for this project?
A.  No

Q.  The Specifications call for a (1) one year parts and labor however the price proposal states (3) three years.  Please explain.
A.  Specs require a 1 year parts & labor warranty.  Under the price proposal we as to divulge any costs associated with tech support or any required maintenance by Vendor for a 3 year period.

Q.  Please explain payment terms.  Is the transit authority stating that no payment will be processed until the system is up and running and from that point, the invoice will take a minimum of 45 days to be paid?  It is standard practice that progressive payments are included with FTA funded projects.  Typically an invoice is sent once the shop DWGs are approved, then an invoice when the equipment is shipped and a final 5-10% hold back until the system is signed off.  The contractor has to pay his subs within 30 days for FTA funded projects.
A.  The payment terms are as specified.

Q.  List of items,  Schedule of Requirements, Scope of Work, Terms of Reference, Bill of Materials required?
A.  As stated in RFP

Q.  Soft copy of the Tender Document through email?
A.  Not applicable

Q.  Names of countries that will be eligible to participate in this tender.
A. Any that can meet Buy America requirements.

Q.  Information about the Tendering Procedure and Guidelines.
A.  As stated in RFP

Q. It is my understanding that this project is funded by an FTA Grant. If this is correct then a bid bond is required to be supplied with the bid. Prevailing wage/ Certified pay roll is required due to the Davis-Bacon Act for FTA funded projects. Please supply the documentation from the FTA stating that this is not applicable for your grant.
A.  All requirements are as stated in our RFP.

Q. It is standard practice to make any existing DWG available to the bidders via the web. Would it be possible to copy them and put in the second addendum?
A.  Available on site only, during business hours.

Q.  If only 30 amps are available. Where is the location to bring additional amps to the wash bay.
A.  Electrical supply room approximately 150’ lineal feet away.

Q.  Thank you for your response “What is the configuration of your 36 vehicle fleet? How many vehicles will be washed back to back at one time? Medium Duty Buses 28’-32’. However, the reason I asked how many vehicles will be washed back to back at one time is to determine holding tank size. Please supply this information.
A.  Minimum of 5 back-to-back maximum of 10.

Q.  Will site specific shop DWG’s of the equipment layout to include utility run’s need to be suppled after the bid for approval prior to manufacturing of the bus wash equipment ? if yes will the electrical and plumbing DWG’s need to be stamped by a (PE) engineer registered in Michigan.
A.  No requirements outside of RFP specs.

Q: If a Bid Spec can’t be met by the manufacturer or dealer how should this be addressed in the bid, and would it automatically disqualify the bidder?
A: Specs are targets only, and will affect weighted scoring. Any spec can be as near as possible or missing entirely

Q: If after the bid has been awarded, the lead times of the manufacturer have to be extended due to the national supply chain issues will the bid still be honored?
A: The lead time can be adjusted per marqtran’s discretion