Marq-Tran aided in the emergency evacuation of residents from Pine Ridge Apartments.

Marq-Tran Aids in Pine Ridge Apartment Fire Emergency Evacuation

UPDATE: Wednesday, July 31st Marq-Tran will be taking bus loads of residents from the NMU Superior Dome to Pine Ridge Apartments to allow residents to get medications or other items. The round-trip bus rides will start at 2:00pm this afternoon and continue until the ~40 residents have had a chance to get anything they need, before being transported back to the NMU Superior Dome.

Marquette, MI  –  July 30, 2019  –  This afternoon a fire broke out at the Pine Ridge Apartment complex around 12:45pm and Marq-Tran was there to help. Marquette County Transit Authority worked with emergency responders throughout the incident to complete an emergency evacuation.

Pine Ridge Apartments is a regular stop on the North Marquette Marq-Tran Route. It is a nine-story complex with around 140 income-based apartments. During the out break of the fire, Kevin Hodges along with several Marq-Tran employees were dispatching on site and managing resident evacuations to the temporary relief set up at the Northern Michigan University Superior Dome.

Four or Five Marq-Tran buses were on site to shuttle approximately 40 of the Pine Ridge residents around 15-20 pets to the Dome. The buses also aided in the transportation of things like resident’s wheel chairs and walkers.

Marquette County Transit Authority offered their services to help accommodate residents more in the future as needed.